Questions & AnswersCategory: Node.jsIs Node.js good for eCommerce web app development?
Gowri Shankar Staff asked 1 year ago

Is Node.js good for eCommerce web app development?

Node.js is one of the most powerful platforms for building an eCommerce web application. Therefore, many top eCommerce platforms, such as Groupon, eBay, PayPal, Wallmart, and others, have opted for Node.js. Its popularity for eCommerce web app development is indebted to its core features like cross-platform compatibility, faster development process, high scalability, high speed, superior performance, etc.

Cross-platform compatibility means developers have to code for the website only once, and the code will work across various platforms. Therefore, they don’t have to learn new programming languages. Furthermore, this approach helps you save time, which means a faster release of new features, giving you a significant competitive advantage. Lastly, due to the non-blocking I/O and event-driven design of Node.js, eCommerce sites can handle concurrent requests with ease.

What are the advantages of Node.js eCommerce application?

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